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Equation Educators Training and Education Consulting (Pty) Ltd is an independent co-educational institution with a wide variety of services;

  • * Homeschooling/Tuisskool: Grade R ‐ 12
  • * Homework/Assignment Assistance
  • * Career Counselling/Guardians
  • * Project/Research
  • * Private Tuition (Grade R ‐ 12, Undergraduate and Post-Graduate )

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About Us

Who We Are

Private Tuition Providers

Equation Educators Training and Education Consulting (Pty) Ltd is a registered homeschooling, training, tuition and a consulting agency for all education related matters.

Equation Educators Training and Education Consulting (Pty) Ltd is Gautengs leading private institution with affiliates to several local and international institutions/organizations.

At Equation Educators, we have been able to grow our services from mentoring aspiring tutors to providing qualified tutors for schools and colleges, homeschooled learners of all grades, organise in-service training, workshop/seminars for qualified tutors and revised curriculum for government departments and international groups.
Our tutors are comprised of a mix of teachers, graduates and postgraduates who have significant teaching experience. The vast majorities therefore are, or have been, working in South African schools or homeschooling learners (carrying out one-to-one tuition). All of them have been carefully selected for their tutoring abilities and expertise in their subject field.

What We Do

Find the Perfect Tutor for You

1. We'll find your perfect tutor.
  • We find and manage South Africa's most qualified and reliable tutors and match them to your tutoring requirements.
2. We manage the process.
  • We schedule your lessons and will replace your tutor at any stage at no additional cost. Our tutors travel to you.
3. Get better results!
    95% of our customers who've had 10 or more lessons reported improvements. Average Improvement was 26%. Experience has taught us what works when it comes to tutoring ‐ that's why our clients trust us with their learning.

Learning styles tutorial

We offer one-off tutorials to pinpoint your unique learning style and provide you with techniques to succeed in your future school life and career.

Study skills, critical thinking and general essay support

If your study skills need an overhaul then Equation Educators can help. Our tutors will work with you to identify your strengths and weaknesses and help you to reach your goals. Critical thinking, organisation and ability to structure are vital ingredients to a successful life.

Specialist dyslexia support.

Equation Educators are currently able to offer dyslexia screening for Primary children (Key stage 1-2) and ongoing specialist support for Key Stage 1-4. For more information about this service, please phone or e-mail us.

Levels/Types of Tuition

Different Levels of Tuition

Primary School Tutoring

Academic assistance provided across the board, for all of your learner/student subjects. Benefits include homework help, motivation and confidence boosting with focus on problem areas. 1-on-1 or small group extra lessons for Grade R ‐ 7.

High School Tutoring

Tutoring to improve marks in specific subjects and clarify concepts for deeper understanding. Grade 8 ‐ 12

College/University Tutoring

1-on-1 and group tutoring for specific courses/modules. Tutors to fill in gaps and help with understanding concepts. Consolidate work covered in lectures. Go back to basics for subjects you didn't take in Matric.

N1, N2, N3, N4, N5, N6 and University Undergraduate courses.

Three Promises

We Promise Three Things


We recognise the importance of creating an environment which is conducive to learning. Furthermore, we also believe that the customer has a 100% right to a friendly service. Our job is to help you to fulfill your potential-and have fun along the way!


Professionalism is at the top of our agenda, with every tutor being rigorously screened before being allowed to teach with us. This includes an enhanced CRB check. All our tutors are thoroughly screened, including a personal interview and academic competence review. All clients are entitled to view a copy of the assigned tutor's CRB check before commencing tuition to ensure complete peace of mind.


We aim to be an affordable quality tuition provider in Gauteng. We are dedicated to keeping our overheads low and our price plan is simple with no hidden costs. Enquire to get sent our fee structure. The more lessons you buy, the more affordable it gets. Lessons are conducted in the comfort of your own home. Your tutor will travel to you.

How We Work With You

As simple as 1, 2, 3...

Registering with Equation Educators

Our consultant will take details of your requirements and some information about your child, their learning and school as well as explain our fees and services to you. If you want to proceed then you make an initial payment which includes your registration fee and the assessment fee. This is fully refundable if we are unable to find a tutor you are happy with.

Selecting the right private tutor

Your Equation Educators consultant selects tutors with the experience, qualifications and approach to meet your needs. The Equation Educators consultant liaises with the tutors on your behalf to identify the right one for you and check they are available when you need them. You'll usually receive a profile of the tutor in a few days and your consultant (Equation Educators Representative) will stay in touch with you throughout the selection process.

Preparing the tuition assignment

Once you accept a tutor we will put the tutor in touch with you to organise the timing of your first session. At this session, the tutor will work with you and your child to understand any specific issues, assess ability levels and confirm what you want to achieve from the tuition. It's how they deliver a very personalised programme for your child.

Our Approach

Personalised learning

Tutoring is effective when it is personalised to each learner. We only work with tutors who understand how to do this, while maintaining current subject knowledge.

Student Assessment

Our tutor will speak to you to get your views on your learner/student learning and, if appropriate, to the learner/student school teacher as well. They will talk to your child and where necessary, do formal tests. That way, you know your tutor will develop a programme that delivers the results you need.

Focused On Results

Our tutors and our client services team will make sure we understand your goals and work towards them. We are diligent in identifying the outcomes or results you want at the outset of an assignment and making sure that this is measured throughout the education programme.

Follow Up

Our tutors will keep you informed. They will give you direct feedback on progress and performance and helpful tips on how you too can support your child.

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Find Your Perfect Tutor

Home Schooling


Give your children a head start with Impak Home school education at Equation Educators. Whether you want to spend more time with them, instil good values, focus on those subjects that need more attention, or if you simply live far from schools, Equation Educators and Impak believes only the best is good enough for your child.
As a certified IMPAK Home-school provider, Impak provides parents with the necessary products and services to educate their children at home or at the Equation Educators learning centre from Grade R to Grade 12.
After successful completion of Grade 12, Impak learners receive the National Senior Certificate (NSC).

Various options of Impak Home schooling

The Foundation Phase includes three subjects for Grade R, and four compulsory subjects for Grade 1 to 3, namely:
  • Home Language
  • First Additional Language (only Grade 1 to 3)
  • Mathematics
  • Life Skills
The Intermediate Phase includes six compulsory subjects, namely:
  • English Home Language
  • Afrikaans First Additional Language
  • Mathematics
  • Natural Sciences and Technology
  • Social sciences (History and Geography)
  • Life Skills
The Senior Phase includes nine (eight in Grade 7) compulsory subjects, namely:
  • Home Language
  • First Additional Language
  • Mathematics
  • Natural Sciences
  • Social Sciences (History in Grade 7 and to be offered for Grade 8 and 9; Geography in Grade 7 to 9)
  • Life Orientation
  • Creative Arts
  • Economic and Management Sciences (Grade 7, 8 and 9)
  • Technology
Impak also offers additional elective subjects in Grade 8 and 9, namely:
  • French Second Additional Language
  • Agricultural Sciences
  • Computer Applications Technology
  • Hospitality Studies
  • Hairdressing and Cosmetology
  • Tourism

Impak Logo

For any questions/assistance please contact y.phildene@equationeducators.com

Fill in the form above and upload it straight to us
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Alternatively you can send the Application Form via:
Fax: 086 595 9921
Post: P.O. Box 1329 Rosettenville 2190
Why choose Equation Educators?
Equation Educators will gladly facilitate with all the registration requirements and facilitation, and also provide tutors for all subject related queries.

Registration and admission to the FET Phase
Grade 10
Admission requirements: A learner must have passed Grade 9, with a correct subject combination for Grade 10.
Registration: Registration with Impak must be completed before 30 April.
Subject changes: A learner may only make two subject changes during Grade 10.

Grade 11
Admission requirements: A learner must have passed Grade 10 after 2007 with a minimum of seven subjects and the required subject combination (with a valid Grade 10 report card as proof).
Registration: Registration with Impak must be completed before 30 April.
Subject changes: A learner may only make two subject changes from Grade 10 to Grade 11, before 31 July. The change of language (e.g. Afrikaans Home Language to Afrikaans First Additional Language) is considered a subject change. CAPS implications should also be taken into consideration.

Grade 12
Admission requirements: A learner must have passed Grade 10 and Grade 11 after 2007 with a minimum of seven subjects and the required subject combinations (with a valid Grade 10 and Grade 11 report card as proof). The Grade 11 report card must be submitted before the end of February.
Registration: Registration with Impak must be completed before end of February.
Subject changes: A learner may only make one subject change from Grade 11 to Grade 12, and then only during registration. The change of language (e.g. Afrikaans Home Language to Afrikaans First Additional Language) is considered a subject changed. For any additional subjects, a candidate must prove that the subject was successfully completed in Grade 10 and Grade 11 and that portfolio work was completed.
SACAI registration and NSC examination: The completed SACAI examination registration form (will be emailed to the candidate) must be submitted to Impak (available on SACAI's website). Examinations are managed by accredited examination centres in South Africa, with potential transport and accommodation cost implications for the client.
Assessments: All assessment components must be submitted to Equation Educators before any due date.


At EQUATION EDUCATORS we understand that the pressures felt by youth are very real, and if not detected early can have devastating results. We understand that for teenagers, life can be confusing and making career choices daunting.
EQUATION EDUCATORS have designed the most formidable outline/program to help young adults deal with today’s career confusions and deceptions.

The 3 phase Career Guidance and Mentorship Scheme is outlined below:

  • Career Workshop: Orientation, Career Choice Assessment/Evaluation.
  • Career Counseling & Development: Practical approach method to career Processes.
  • Career Guidance: An Intervention

EQUATION EDUCATORS Comprehensive Career Development - Provides Answers To:

  • 1. Who am I?
    • * Values
    • * Interests
    • * Aptitudes
    • * Skills
  • 2. Where Am I Going?
    • * Career Information
    • * Labor Market Information
    • * Long and Short Range Goals
    • * Career Research
  • 3. How Do I Get There?
    • * Skills Required
    • * Education / Training Necessary
    • * Resources For Assistance / Networking
    • * Obstacles/ Strategies for Success

For education support/career counselling, please email: learn@equationeducators.com



At Equation Educators, we offer a competitive range of learning programs and training services to the Rainbow Nation.
The aim of the institution is to contribute to the reconstruction and development of the new South Africa National Qualifications Framework (NQF) by offering career focused Outcomes Based Education and Training (OBET) and to enhance the prospects of employment and self-employment of its valuable trainees.
In the view of the ever-increasing demand for improved quality of education, training and development. Our Quality goal is ultimately to convert EQUATION EDUCATORS TRAINING AND EDUCATION CONSULTING into a CIF (Continuously Improvement Firm) and we plan to exploit technology to obtain a competitive advantage by offering e-learning training and education in the near future.

Recently EQUATION EDUCATORS added the Human Capital Product as one of its offering following both opportunities and concerns from global and local challenges.

Each year we organize workshops/seminars for more than 900 teachers in SOUTH AFRICA. Over the past years, we have provided in-service trainings and organized workshop for over 83 schools in Gauteng.
For general inquiries, please contact our training manager on dr.liz@equationeducators.com