Equation Educators Homeschooling provides complete learning solutions for learners of all ages. Our curriculum and related solutions are designed to enable 1-on-1 learning and are used to educate learners in the comfort of their own homes

Educators Training

EQUATION EDUCATORS designs quality in-service training programmes for teachers tailored to meet the needs of each school. The objectives of our programmes result in embedded change in the practice and behaviour of participants.

educators training

Scholarship program

The Educate Africa Scholarship Fund, an initiative of Equation Educators, is designed to provide scholarships to academically gifted individuals from across the African Continent to pursue higher education anywhere in the world.


EQUATION EDUCATORS exchange program transforms classrooms into fertile ground for more than textbook learning; it exposes both teachers and students to new ideas, cultures, learning styles, teaching methodologies and thinking.


Homeschool Education

(Grade R – 12)​

College students working together in class.

Choose your own Curriculum

(CAPS, IEB, Cambridge)​

Learn at your own pace

(Personalized Education)​

Who we are; what we do

We pride ourselves as Africa’s premier educational service providers and a consulting company undertaking a wide range of school educational transformation across the African continent.

We are a South Africa based company; with operations across 17 African Nations. We partner with some of the most reputable Schools, Colleges, Universities, Organizations, Agencies, Corporates and Associations across the world.

We aim to play a significant role in advancing the quality of education in Africa through partnerships, resource development, education exchange, educators training and more.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the foremost provider of educational services across Africa. We are determined to reach out to all that require our services in an unprecedented way, to listen to their needs and suggest appropriate initiatives to help develop and bring about effective change.


We pride ourselves on our Creative and Versatile Approach and believe that this is essential in order to produce quality results.  We apply mental, technological and social processes to generate new ideas and concepts. We bridge the gap between strategy and creativity. The results are often innovative, unique and remarkable.


EduFest Nigeria opens up opportunities for learning institutions, industry leaders, corporate forerunners, government ministries and departments, policy makers, diplomats, organization leaders, as well as creatives, the chance to showcase themselves on a large stage as well as network with thousands of education professionals in Nigeria and beyond.

Equation Educators Africa invite Exhibitors, sponsors and partners to participate.

We invite you to join us in making this event possible each year.

EIFEA is a self-governing administrative council that aims to contribute to the advancement of education and enhance the status of the teaching profession through Resource Development, Exchange, Professional Development and the inculcation of Professional Code of Ethics for all members.

The EIFEA Secretariat provides services, information and resources to member institutions and their staff – from senior executives and policy makers, to researchers, academic team members, grant makers and administrators – as well as the wider community of education consultants and practitioners.

We strongly believe in the value of collaboration. In addition to working closely with our members, we work with a range of partners that share our values and advance global action for education including local and international networks, agencies, foundations, organisations, schools, colleges and universities.


The Equation Educators mobile application has been designed to help users find EDUCATORS using their location. This platform is an “open marketplace” where learners/students choose educators on the strengths of their credentials, experience and profile. Book and contact them directly.

Join Equation Educators and advertise private tuition or education related services anywhere and showcase your expertise, experience and qualifications. Find educators offering private tuition or education related services in your area! Users are able to find thousands of educators within 10km radius to their location.

Why the eTuta App?

One of the easiest ways to find educators in your area.

Equation Educators’ innovative design makes it easy to communicate with other members.

Equation Educators has a helpdesk ready to be of assistance whenever you need them!

Send us a WhatsApp message on +27614752080 and we will get back to you.

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