Study Abroad

At EQUATION EDUCATORS, we provide you with international education advice based on your needs, motivation/interest, financial situation, and academic/career goals. With a vast number of students applying for a limited number of spots in universities abroad, we make sure that your application will give you the best chance of getting accepted. Some of the services that we provide are:

We have several educational institutions internationally that we partner with, so we provide our clients with a range of options to choose from. We only work with reputable educational institutions and can therefore guarantee that the credential you come out with, will be internationally valued and recognized.

Our consultant will take care of the complete application process for you, from filling in the application forms, to dealing directly with the educational institution on your behalf

Our knowledgeable education consultants are constantly informed about available scholarships and awards at various educational institutions abroad. So, we will be able to advice you if there is any scholarship opportunity available at your chosen educational institution and also help you with the application.

If applicable, our consultants will provide you with information about A/AS LEVELS, MATRIC, UCAS, TOEFL, SAT, IELTS, GMAT, GRE registration and preparation. Our office is well equipped with up to date information and our clients can use our resources for free


Education Exchange

Educators Exchange

At EQUATION EDUCATORS, we are dedicated to building friendship and cultural understanding through teaching exchanges. The Equation Educators Exchange is a learning program designed to enable teachers to temporarily teach at a school or college locally or internationally; where participating teachers usually learn new teaching practices, techniques, styles or methodologies. Beyond teaching basic learning curriculum, an exchange educator has a unique ability to broaden student’s world view by introducing new perspectives and teaching methodologies.

Our focus is on providing an unparalleled level of service to all our Individual Schools and Exchange Teachers alike.

Students Exchange

Our student exchange program is open for schools or individuals to take part in any time of the year. Participate in a student exchange program in which a student/learner from a school or college studies locally or abroad at a partner institution usually for duration of 2 – 8 weeks.

This may or may not involve international travel. This initiative opens up avenues for students from a local secondary school or university to study locally or abroad at any of our partnering institution during a summer, winter or any other applicable school break.

School Trips and Excursions (Local and International)

Looking to book a sport, cultural, history, art or educational tour? We align your needs and demands to provide you and your students with a tour that will create lifelong memories. We have designed our tour packages to suit various age brackets. We have successfully assisted a number of schools on international trips and excursions across Africa, Europe, Asia and America. Our knowledge and experience in planning and organizing Educational School Tours and excursions is unparalleled. This includes; visa processes, transport (ship/plane) meals, visits and accommodation.

  • An Outstanding feature comprising of a tour guide who accompanies the group during excursions and tours. Our guides/ facilitators change a tour which could be just another boring tour, into an unforgettable experience for the learners and the teachers.
  • All our tour and camp programmes are offered throughout the year on a five-in-one package of Experiential, Multi Activities, Adventures, Camping and curriculum linked excursions. We do trips to different destinations across the world throughout the year. The programmes are designed to be all encompassing and exhilarating.

We help you reduce costs, save valuable time and REMOVE THE UNNECESSARY STRESS when planning and booking school tours.

Our approach is to build relationships of trust and transparency. We make use of the latest technology to work faster, smarter and cost-effectively thereby reducing your travel costs. Local or international – no trip is too much for us.


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We will provide you with counsel, guidance, representation and processing for all categories of visa.

Career Counselling and Guidance (For Schools & Colleges)

We understand that the pressures felt by youth are very real, and if not detected early can have devastating results. We understand that for teenagers, life can be confusing and making career choices daunting.  We have designed the most formidable outline/program to help young adults deal with today’s career confusions and deceptions.

  • Career Workshop: Orientation, Career Choice Assessment/Evaluation.
  • Career Counseling & Development: Practical approach method to career Processes.
  • Career Guidance: An Intervention
  • Unpacking your career/study expectations and motivations.
  • Helping you identify strengths/limitations relative to career
  • Linking you to updated information about qualifications, careers and work trends so you can make informed decisions.
  • Helping you to gain clarity in your career decision making.

Assignment, Research, Projects & Proposal Writing

Equation Educators Africa ranks among the best online sources offering professional writing services. We are physically operating from South Africa; however, our e-services cover a more wide geographical area as we don’t have to only physically meet for you to benefit from our services.

The writing team comprises of experts who are editors, professors, analysts, researchers, lecturers/educators and specialists.The writing team comprises of experts who are editors, professors, analysts, researchers, lecturers/educators and specialists.

Our services include all forms of Academic Writing, assignment, proposal, statistical analysis, proofreading, ground research and editing services as well as sample papers for all students at all levels.

The services offered are unmatched in the industry, catering to the clients with a high level of customer satisfaction and covers all students ranging from Primary School level to Doctorate level.

We offer top quality writing services in various fields with plagiarism-free content, accurate citations and incorporates formatting standards like APA, Harvard, MLA or any customized styles. We carry a rich experience of more than two decade that includes but not limited to assignment writing, report writing, essays, coursework framing as per university standards, proofreading and editing services.


We are a central digital content solution for Schools and Colleges; Digital is all we do, and we have helped more than 340 schools implement content plans customized to meet their student’s and educator’s needs. Our experienced team of school content experts will work with you to select the right eBooks, audiobooks and streaming video to serve your student’s and educator’s unique reading and learning needs – anytime, anywhere.

Equation Educators e-learning system: This distance learning platform is designed to enable learners receive classes, get assessed and communicate with their educators and fellow classmates.

With Equation Educators e-LEARNING; Educators Keep record of class by storing student’s personal information, contacts and performance. Educators can upload Notes/Downloadable materials to students to remotely online access on their devices.  Educators can Upload Assignments for students to access remotely online, perform the assignment and upload back their work for marking. Educators can upload student assignment marks. This can enable parents to evaluate and monitor their child’s performance by viewing this information.

School Management Systems & Softwares