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School Development

Equation Educators Training and Education Consulting (Pty) Ltd is a South African based company who acts as agents for Investors who view education as not only profitable and lucrative but also as an investment that aims to enrich the lives of youth in and around Africa. We have a reputation for establishing schools.

We have over the year’s successfully organised workshops/conferences for foreign delegates to attend in South Africa, where they have been exposed to the profits of investing in education in Africa, by building new and modernised schools that meet international standards and can subsequently attract International recognition.

  • Professional project management services.
  • Market research in a Preferred African Country and provide Feasibility reports on the profitability of the project.
  • We search for and evaluate appropriate/suitable land and offer construction services.
  • We assist with all Accreditation and registration with local educational departments and relevant government offices.
  • We help manage and facilitate the recruitment of qualified staff.
  • We provide the entire architectural design of the project.

We ensure buildings and all facilities are up to government standards and regulations.

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  • Tell us what your interests are in Africa

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We are a fresh, young and dynamic team of professionals who offer an unrivalled fast, efficient and quality Schools Development consultancy service.

  • Editable documents
  • Price Schedule of Works to your specification
  • Follow ups within 48 hours of submission
  • Minimise exclusions
  • Clear and concise documents

We send our team of experts to meet with you face to face if need be. You don’t need to travel.

Why Choose Us

  • We provide a unique and diverse package to all of our clients. We strive to provide professional services to assist and support our clients through all the legal and administrative processes. There are always uncertainties in any type of construction work and we aim to reduce or eliminate these uncertainties through creative, innovative and effective methods. We start by clearly establishing our clients needs by having a direct involvement from the outset. Our clients proposals are dealt with in a friendly, but professional manner in order to implement strategies to achieve the desired goals.
  • We are passionate about the success of our client’s projects and are dedicated and committed to meeting deadlines, paying particular attention to time, cost and quality. We aim to achieve the best customer service and build long term relationships. We endeavour to remove the hassle and aggravation highlighted with many traditional construction projects.
  • We are an ambitious, determined and hardworking team of professionals, enabling us to provide the most accurate and reliable information to ensure our clients projects are delivered to the required specification; thorough involvement from consultants ensures that projects are managed from conception to completion and feedback is given at every stage.

School Management and Operations

EQUATION EDUCATORS SCHOOLS MANAGEMENT AND OPERATIONS SERVICES offers academic institutions management experience and expertise that enables these institutions to focus on their primary goal: to create a learning environment where learners and students thrive. In fact, EQUATION EDUCATORS’s management services have been voted to be the second best in the field, here in SOUTH AFRICA. Beginning in July 2017 we started availing our services to Lesotho, Namibia, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia and other African nations.

We provide hands-on support with all aspects of school operations. Our unique, fully integrated approach gives school boards, administrators and parents the confidence to move forward with their vision for superior schools. Moreover, our comprehensive services allow us to develop and implement an individual strategic plan for each school we manage. We handle every aspect from facilities identification and renovation, financial considerations, board governance, marketing, public relations, human resources, curriculum development, enrolment and professional development. Our ultimate goal and the foundation for everything we do is this: educational excellence.

EQUATION EDUCATORS developed our financial services objectives to support short- and long-term objectives. We manage all school financial systems and will:

  • Develop and oversee operating and capital budgets
  • Establish school accounting systems
  • Coordinate financial statements and recordkeeping
  • Handle purchasing needs
  • Provide logistical support for financial audits
  • Oversee risk management and insurances (building, liability, officers, error/omission, etc.)
  • Administer financing, including grant and loan applications
  • Plan fundraising efforts
  • Manage financial and governmental reporting

EQUATION EDUCATORS dedicated marketing support staff assists in creating and rolling out marketing, public relations and communications plans for each school we manage. Designed to appeal to families, our materials boost student enrollment and retention via high-quality messaging with widespread appeal. We offer schools these services:

  • Enrollment plan development and implementation
  • Specialized branding
  • Marketing training modules and resources
  • School website
  • Community outreach
  • Templates for collateral materials, such as parent letters, surveys, brochures and flyers
  • Special events and programs
  • School communications support

EQUATION EDUCATORS Education collaborates with each school’s leaders to construct a comprehensive human resources strategy. We manage all aspects of human resources, such as recruitment, certification compliance, payroll and benefits, school board services and regulatory issues. Our services include:

  • School staffing plans
  • Faculty and staff recruitment and hiring
  • School board and administrator services
  • Payroll and benefits administration
  • Employee recordkeeping
  • State retirement reporting
  • Employment policies and manuals
  • School policies and handbooks
  • Government compliance and reporting

Facilities development and management can be a complex aspect of school operations. Most school leaders, parents and other invested parties are not familiar or comfortable with large-scale construction, renovation or facility management. EQUATION EDUCATORS Education is ready to oversee this component at every stage:

  • Site selection and attainment
  • Land-use approvals
  • School design and development
  • Construction management
  • Capital project planning and management, including bond financing
  • Supervision of both routine and major maintenance services
  • Building security

Custodial contracts

In today’s wired – and wireless – world, EQUATION EDUCATORS provides support for a variety of schools’ technological requirements. From infrastructure and network management to technical support to student systems administration, we make certain that schools we manage have the proper hardware and software required for both educational and business applications. Our schools rely on us for:

  • Classroom and office equipment, hardware and software
  • LAN/WAN installation and network connectivity
  • Site-level tech support and remote troubleshooting
  • Technology maintenance and security

Student information system management for truancy, state reporting, etc.

At the heart of EQUATION EDUCATORS’s management services are educational programming and staff development. While financial considerations, human resources, facility management and technology are all critical to a school’s overall success, student achievement is the essential core component. EQUATION EDUCATORS partners with school leaders, administrators and parents to bring to life their vision of strong schools, strong students and a strong future.


Our proven, world-class program differentiates EQUATION EDUCATORS-managed school from all others. The EQUATION EDUCATORS model of education blends eight tenets, or pillars, to give each school its individual character. These pillars are: student achievement, extended learning time, secure environment, professional development, community support, integrated technology, parent involvement and e-Classroom24, our proprietary school savvy web application. Moreover, we provide:

  • Curriculum planning and development
  • Customized Learning materials development and implementation
  • Learning management system administration
  • Accreditation oversight
  • Templates, such as the Personalized Student Achievement Plan (PSAP)
  • Classroom management tools and techniques
  • Performance benchmarks
  • Customized improvement plans

Innovative professional development methodology

Procurements (Stationeries and Textbooks)

Our experience in procurement has earned us a distinction in the industry for a decade. We are committed to ensuring that all schools receive their full consignment promptly.

Our team of delivery experts ensures;

  • The right number of text books, in the right languages, for all the learners are delivered at the right time.
  • Verification of orders against learner enrollment (if applicable) 

We meet with all publishers to discuss reduction of prices to the cheapest price per textbook.

Our procurement processes;

In this process, text books are screened using the ISBN number.  Successful text books go to the approved catalogue, which feeds the requisitioning process. 

The approved list of books (Catalogue) is made available to Schools according to the number of learners they have.

Once the requisitions are approved electronically or manually. Those requisitions are consolidated at schools to create a purchase order(s).

Stationery packs can be delivered directly to schools or centrally to a warehouse from which they can be distributed to schools.

Textbooks are normally delivered centrally to a warehouse from which they can be distributed to schools.

Production & Branding

We Customise Uniforms, Name Tags/ID Cards, Badges, and Sport Wears.

If you would like to find out more about our extensive range of school uniforms, blazers/jackets, sport wears, name tags/id cards, badge embroideries, simply contact us. Our helpful staff will guide you through our range and we can give you inside information such as the most popular sizes and the range you should stock in your particular area. We unparalleled in:

Our impressive production capacity is flexible, and can be increased on demand to meet your needs

Our total quality Management system ensures that your garments comply with your high quality standards

Our international network of friendly sales representatives will make sure your order is always on time.

School Awards & Accolades

Our schools award and accolade aims to foster competiveness among students. Our specially customized accolades are put on the school blazers of achieving students to encourage academic diligence.

Receiving students get medals, trophies, accolades or certificates. This can be for sports, academics, behaviour, demeanour, adherence to the ethos of the school, exceptional achievement, exceptional talent, dedication in a school activity etc.