Teachers Training

EQUATION EDUCATORS designs in-service training programmes tailored to meet the needs of schools.  Our Programme objectives results in embedded change in practice and behavioural change in participants. We provide accredited certification for our participants.

Each year we organize in-service training, workshop/seminars for teachers in SOUTH AFRICA, NAMIBIA, ZAMBIA, BOTSWANA, GHANA and NIGERIA. Equation Educators has recently extended its scope to a Teachers Training Institution, dedicated to continuous professional development through our special tailored courses, certification, qualification and Diploma programmes. Our school-wide education transformation programmes guarantees; School Improvement, Leadership & Teacher Development.

Home Schooling

EQUATION EDUCATORS design strategies that promote holistic student development. Our assessment tools measure student success across the curriculum and inform efforts in continuous improvement.  We are Africa’s leading Homeschool providers supporting home-education in over 13 countries.

Our homeschooling provides complete LEARNING solutions for learners of all ages. Our students can earn an internationally accredited school certificate in any of the following examinations; CAMBRIDGE (IGCSE, AS LEVELS, A’LEVELS) IEB, CAPS, IELTS, & SAT.

Private Tuition

Equation Educators specialises in the provision of private tutoring (extra-lessons) for all primary, high school, college and university subjects, in the comfort of your own home. If you need a private school tutor for extra lessons or tutoring for university programs and courses, we have a team of specialist tutors waiting to help you achieve the success you deserve. 

Our tuition is customised to help you in the areas you need help and our tutors are available in all areas of South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Ghana & Nigeria. We cover every academic subject, our tutors travel to YOU. 

Edu-Care Clinic

Equation Educators provide After School Academic Support (Edu-Care Clinic) that aims to empower students with the necessary skills they need in Math, Science, Geography, Accounting, English, French, Portuguese, Afrikaans, School Assignments, Projects or Research.

Our Edu-Care classes takes place daily after school hours, at designated learning centres, NPO’s/NGO’s, Libraries or Schools. We offer tailored tutorials to pinpoint your unique learning style and provide you with techniques to succeed in learning.

We enable remote schooling via live video conferencing on both a full-time and part-time basis no matter where you are located in Africa. Write any of the following Examination with EQUATION EDUCATORS; CAMBRIDGE (IGCSE, AS LEVELS, A’LEVELS) IEB, CAPS, IELTS, & SAT.

Online Tutoring

Equation Educators provide learners with a passport to success in education. We prepare school students for life, helping them develop an informed curiosity and a lasting passion for learning. Our programmes and qualifications set the global standard for international education. Our independent study program provides a blend of Online, Textbook, Teacher-Created Curriculum resources, Career planning and support. Our Tutors are teaching Lessons online to students in South Africa and Across the continent

Distance Learning

Our internationally accredited academic curriculum that is used in UK, America and Australia are accepted globally. Equation Educators Virtual Education Centre also known as Equation Educators e-learning system is a distance learning platform designed to enable learners receive classes, get assessed and communicate with both fellow learners and educators alike. Our independent study program provides a blend of Online, Textbook, Teacher-Created Curriculum resources, Career planning and support.